26 March 2009

Glitter in My Eye

I have launched a new blog. Yep, another one. (Don't judge me. I am well aware that Cupcake & Company's web site and blog are still not completed. Maybe I have adult ADD, but I've digressed already...) This new blog is where I can document my crafty-type things and not clutter up our family blog which is and should be all about Amelia. Right?

25 March 2009

Little Miss Two-Binks

Have you seen this little monster in monkey pajamas?  If you have, approach with extreme caution.  She will steal your heart and demand "buttons" (Smarties) and "water" (milk).  Ignoring her is futile; she is way too cute.

Footnote: The other day, Amelia actually had THREE binkies in her mouth at once.  I'm so sad that I missed that photo op!

Life Could be a Dream

The Harvard Din & Tonics celebrated their 30th anniversary on 14 March 2009 with a fabulous concert and surrounding weekend full of gatherings for both the current Dins and Alums.  What a wonderful time we had with them, uncle Michael and aunt Natalie, as well as showing Amelia daddy's alma mater.  (And what a terrible job we did of documenting it with photos.)

We stayed in the Kennedy Suite at Winthrop House with our traveling buddy, Flat Stanley.
We introduced Amelia to Noch's where she devoured their pizza (as did all of the adults).  For the record, the total number of cheese steaks and slices consumed over a four-day weekend set some kind of world record.  This number, however, will not be published to protect the guilty.

We toured campus where Amelia met John Harvard and rubbed his toe.  (It's a statue of lies, all lies!)  We even squeezed in a matinee of this year's Hasty Pudding show.  (Dave and Mike, 154 was better.)
The T was especially fun for Amelia.  Clearly she expected it to be some kind of Disneyland ride because she kept singing, "Is-sa uh pahl - whorl affer all..." over and over.  (Translation: It's a small world after all")

16 March 2009

I love you, you love me...

Sitting behind us on our flight back from Boston tonight was a super celebrity - BARNEY!  (Adults, if you are lost, consult your nearest toddler.  They know exactly who Barney is and will spontaneously break into song at the mere mention of his name.)  Now, when I say that Barney was sitting behind us, I don't mean an over-stuffed purple dinosaur.  I mean the man behind the mask, David Joyner.  He played Barney for 14 years and is now Hip Hop Harry on Discovery Kids and was so kind.  He even sang the clean-up song with Amelia and commented, "She's very focused.  What a smart kid... and I should know, I've seen a lot of kids."  So there you have it folks.  Straight from the dinosaur's mouth - Amelia is  smartie.  (But you already knew that, right?)  More about our Cambridge trip later.

05 March 2009

I, Teishi Kennedy, take you Super Awesome Kennedy Blog...

Why is it everyone I know is blogging about how they have "recommitted" to blogging more often?  Nice guys, now this really turns the pressure up on me to do the same.  Bah!  This does not mean that I will start posting mundane drivel like talking about the weather - although it did snow again last night - but I digress...

My resolution includes posting my latest creations.  I'm always trying to describe them to my mother over the phone and I'm afraid my storytelling skills fall short.  Plus, I find myself in some bizarre-o creative high gear right now.  If I sit too long I start imagining what I can do to, say, the lamp sitting next to me or the shirt Amelia is wearing.  So, why not post my successes and, dare I say, failures?  Wait.  Teishi has no "failures", just hiccups in the process.  Right?

Here is a photo of my Valentine's Day card.  It was a very limited edition.  I only made five because I made them on February 14th.  (Hey!  I said I would blog more, not plan better for the holidays!  Sheesh.)

Sweet Spot v2

Just thought I'd post another photo of the candy buffet because it looks so much lovelier once the bride added a few final touches (flowers, her bag seals, etc.).  My photo was taken a few hours before the final set-up so it was lacking a few things.

02 March 2009

Dancing through Disneyland

If it's the last week of February, then Kennedys and company are meeting in Anaheim to enjoy the Happiest Place on Earth!  This year we were lucky enough to have Amelia's nana, Jill, join us for part of the week.  BIG thanks to the Moss family for suffering through seven straight days in the Park with us (Brennan - I'm sure we still owe you a chocolate shake), the Hatch Family for letting us drag them around for a night while we talked their ears off catching up (Brock - we get SERIOUS about Disney), and the May Family for just being the Mays. (Felicity - even as a very pregnant woman, you're amazing!).  We feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends.

Oh and the post title, "Dancing through Disneyland"?  That's in honor of Amelia's mad skills as a dancer.  She danced everywhere - the Tiki Room, It's a Small World, and pretty much anywhere you could hear music.  When I look at the photo of her gazing through the It's a Small World fence, I can almost hear her saying, "Peas... boats".  [Translation: I want to ride the Small World boats and dance.]