29 September 2007

Baby's First Snow

Okay. No sooner than I posted the "Baby's First Sleet" entry, it began to snow. So, ladies and gentlemen, here now we have "Baby's First Snow".

Baby's First Sleet

This morning began with a slight drizzle that sent all of the Thornton Ave breakfast block party guests inside an open garage to enjoy their bagels and cocoa. Now, well into the afternoon, we've received our first official sleet of the season. (Ug. That means snow is just around the corner.) It's crisp and cold outside so we, of course, had to run our three-month-old out into the elements straightaway. Ta da! Baby's first sleet!

P.S. There are going to be a lot of stupid "firsts" on our blog from here on out. Just a word of warning.

19 September 2007

Four eyes

David had a vision appointment today and picked up some new glasses. Of course, Amelia had to try them on first. (Man, this kid thing is just like have a dress-up doll. Some fun!)

18 September 2007

Rollin in my 5.0

That's right, we're rolling Baby Bjorn-style! Getting Amelia in and out of it is a bit traumatic for all involved, but once in it, she loves the ride!

11 September 2007

Rock the vote!

Today was the Salt Lake Mayoral Primary here and Amelia hit the polls in her most patriotic outfit. (A poll worker said, "She's the cutest thing I've seen - and I'm a REPUBLICAN!")

05 September 2007


Attack of the killer tomatoes! No official word yet, but the tomato plants in our small backyard garden may or may not have swallowed a neighborhood boy never to be seen again. (Our condolences to his family.)

03 September 2007

Swimsuit competition

Amelia dipped her toes into the water over the weekend and loved it! (Too bad her grandma didn't want her to get her hair wet.)