30 November 2009

Edward & Jacob: Life outside of Twilght

The Edward and Jacob cut-outs took on a life of their own post-movie. I blame David for instigating all of the madness. When Mom, Carol, and I got home from a late-night movie (guess which one...) Edward was wearing David's hoodie.

Then, Jacob appeared in Carol's Twilight shirt. Really compliments his skin tone, don't you think?
Edward had to get in on the fun, too. Wearing my t-shirt from the party.
Amelia thought it was very funny.
Edward wearing David's tie and suit coat following church. What a snappy dresser.
And, of course, the guys banded together to cheer on Real Salt Lake in the MLS championships!But this won the prize... Edward resting on the couch with Amelia's stuffed kitty while...
a very pouty Jacob cleans the house.

New Moon: The Party

From the invite:
Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? For just one night, lose yourself in the world of Twilight. Come hunt for your dinner in Forks, bite into sinful desserts, test your devotion with Twilight trivia, win prizes like the coveted golden onion, snap a photo with everyone's favorite vampire or werewolf, and swap favorite Twilight moments with fanatic friends! Immediately following the party, we'll caravan to Jordan Commons for a screening of New Moon. So, whether you side with vampires or you prefer to run with wolves, you're invited to celebrate with us!
Candy buffet for movie sweets & a Twilight quote charm tree
Goodie bags to exchange (To see more click here: New Moon: Goodie Bags)
Welcome to Forks, WA
Italian soups, sweet treats, and a blood red chocolate fountain

More photos here: Library Girl

New Moon: TwilightMoms

TwilightMoms hosted a New Moon event expo with vendors, live music, and character vignettes. We popped in to see what all of the fuss was about and collectively decided that OUR party would be much cooler. Oh, and it was...
Carol & Mom by Alice's Porsche
Carlisle promoting better healthVolterra, Italy
Bella's birthday cake & gifts
Charlie's living room
Bella's truck & Jacob (with Carol's legs)
Jacob's garage

Happy birthday, DK!

From the invite:
My Dave is another year older
And when asked what he wanted to do,
He told me quite surely, without any pause,
“I’d like to play board games with you!”

Now these aren’t your mother’s old games,
Say goodbye to Monopoly and Clue.
They’ve got zombies and cars, canals and gold bars,
And a few to surprise even you.

So stop by anytime for a turn--
You’ll find food and sweet chocolates galore!
We’ll have games for all levels and foods for all tastes,
Who knows? We might not even keep score.

Formula D
Say Anything
For Sale
Kids destroying Amelia's room (not an actual board game)

Mustard?!? Now don't let's be silly...

Amelia was Alice in Wonderland for Halloween and dragged her mommy (the White Rabbit) and her daddy (the Mad Hatter) along for the fun. A BIG thanks to "Gramma Lorla" for the beautiful Alice costume. Her talents are paying off long after Halloween, too. Amelia believes that every special event (church, Sunday dinner, etc.) is worthy of her costume.