23 April 2010

Dad, I love the cotton candy.

This kid loves, loves, loves Bakin Robbins' cotton candy ice cream.  Amazingly enough, it really tastes like cotton candy (translation: it's way too sweet).

I Need More Glitter

It's only been about FOREVER, I know.  But as the weather starts to shape up, my crafty fingers start itching for little things to sew/glue/knit/embellish/alter/etc.  As a result of that, I've actually been posting projects and tutorials again on my creative blog, I Need More Glitter.  Take a look, if you've got a minute.  There's much more to come considering my "To Do" project pile is about to topple over and bury me.  Gotta get creating! 

04 April 2010

Happy Easter. (Bawk! Bawk!)

With snow on the ground outside, Easter was forced inside this year.  However, with Peeps on hand, did anyone even notice?

Woah! They're spinning!

Amelia created a Mad Tea Party ride for her tiny dolls.  Bet they were sick when the ride was over.  Amelia shows no mercy on the tea cups.

01 April 2010

Out like a lamb, huh?

Waking up to this?  Worst April Fool's joke EVER.

Almost There

Amelia's dance class is preparing for their spring recital and they are dancing to two numbers from The Princess and the Frog - Almost There (tap) and Evangeline (ballet).  This kid is over the moon with excitement about this movie and its soundtrack.  And as if it couldn't get any cuter, their costumes are going to be tutus with a bustle butt that lights up like Ray, the firefly!

Pushing back with tiny steps.

Tapping the left foot.  (Sticking out your tongue helps with balance I hear.)

Hands on hips, twisting.  Candy smile.

Amelia's special "double" plie.  She does it with her hands as well as her legs!