26 October 2009

Disney or Bust, Fall 2009, Chapter 3

Last stop before heading home was to see the Mays' new home in Oceanside. On the itinerary: frozen yogurt, tour of Rob's office, sushi from Miso Harney, Trader Joe's, Brooklyn Brothers pizza, and general catching up. Oh, and Amelia and Gracey love each other (when they aren't fighting over something like Play Dough). "Teishi and Amelia are my best friends", says Gracey. We couldn't agree more!

Disney or Bust, Fall 2009, Chapter 2

We had so many friends join us at Disneyland this time around! How blessed we truly are to have such wonderful friends. Friends who will put up with us dragging them around the Park, telling them what to ride and when to eat, and friends who will smile through our two-year old's lack of sleep.
Olivia (wearing socks) & Natalie Moss
Amanda, Caroline & Brennan Moss
John Yoon
Allen Chen
Elton, Natalie (photographer extraordinaire) & Emme Graham
Gracey & Felicity May

Disney or Bust, Fall 2009, Chapter 1

On the road to Disney we stopped for a night in Las Vegas at the Watkins' fabulous desert "resort". (Think swimming pool with grotto, hot tub, trampoline, half basketball court, foosball table, poker table, pool table, view of the glittering Vegas Strip, great friends to stay up far too late with, and Cody, the personal photographer. Amelia refused to go to bed for fear of missing any of the party. Typical.)

08 October 2009

Sugarbee Cookies

Look at my super creative cousin's new cookie company! She's amazing, her cookies are amazing, and your next special event would be amazing with her cookies. Way to go, Bekah!

Dear Santa...

I have been really good this year and this is what I want. A cupcake car. Pink, please. Pretty please with sprinkles on top!

04 October 2009

Fun in the CA sun

Amelia and I left dad at home and jumped a flight to San Diego for a week with the Mays. With non-stop Dora the Explorer (which I hate, but Amelia seems to love) on the plane, the week started out on a high note.
Packed into everything we did, we couldn't leave out a beach day. Every ten minutes or so Amelia would realize that it was sand under her feet and get really upset. Then she would go back to building sand castles or playing the waves.
Gracey and Amelia played so well together! The first words out of their mouths each morning: "Where's Gracey/Amelia?" At the beach, the pool, the playground, smishing playdough, reading books, or just running round, they had such a great time.

The adults escaped the kiddies one night to see Rob's office with its gorgeous ocean views, eat the most mouth watering sushi anywhere, and take in a movie. ("That's a lot of thinking for a polar bear..")

No trip to SoCal would be complete without a dip into Disneyland! Felicity's sisters and little ones joined us in Anaheim and we plowed through the Parks four strollers deep. (Which was a definite challenge during the parades.) And somehow, I took zero photos of the day.
It was hard to say goodbye to California but mostly because of Rob, Felis, Gracey, and Beckham. We miss them already!