09 December 2008

Summer Berry Pie

If you happen to have the Inside America's Test Kitchen cookbook, Amelia highly recommends the Summer Berry Pie on page 294.

02 December 2008

"Do I dazzle you?" "Frequently," I admitted.

Initially, I resisted reading the Twilight saga like one would avoid a root canal.  But one day, the books were at Costco and I picked them up and bit into them.  I told my mother that she should read them.  "They're an easy read and a pretty fun distraction."  She then passed them along to her friend Carol who is an avid reader and movie buff.  In emailing Carol about what she thought of the books, I happened to mention that my cousin had tickets for the Utah premiere and the Twilight Moms gala party they were throwing in anticipation of the screening.  "Lora, why aren't we going to Utah for this?  Not only could we go to this party, but you could visit with your granddaughter, too..."  My mom was sold.  (Was it the movie or Amelia that really brought them out?  Inquiring minds want to know!)  At any rate, mom and Carol made everyone AMAZING goodie bags (WAY better than the ones we were given at the movie premiere (and we had such a fun weekend together.

P.S.  I adore my David.  Above and beyond attending the event with us (he, my uncle Mike, and cousin Hyrum being maybe three of the ten total men that attended), he agreed to be "Dazzled" at the premiere (translation: sprayed with silver glitter) alongside all of us Edward-loving females!  David, you are truly dazzling.