08 January 2009

Sweet, sweet Costco!

So I have been having dreams of Portuguese sweet bread for the last two months or so.  It is the most wonderful carbohydrate on the planet.  My girlfriend, Nicole, and I love it so much that we even spent a whole Saturday back in high school trying to make it from scratch.  We wasted a lot of eggs and made quite a mess of things.  But I don't need to make it from scratch anymore!  Our Costco bakery makes them fresh has them labeled as "Sweet Rolls".  I'm in bread heaven...  And, yes, this was totally worth a blog post.

07 January 2009

California Christmas

This was a California Christmas year, which is the reason behind the absence of that yummy pine smell in my house this December, but I digress...  California was great - full of family, friends (apologies to those we missed), and great memories.  On our way out of state, my mom and aunt joined us to see Disneyland through Amelia's eyes.  I think this series of photos pretty well illustrates what taking an 18-month old through the Park is like.  What a fun day!

This is why we can't leave the house.

I suppose I deserve this somehow, after the way I chose to dress myself as a child.  My poor mother.  But if you ask me to meet you for lunch, I might just have to send my regrets because I refuse to allow my darling daughter to be photographed by the paparazzi wearing the things that she does.  That's my job.