25 June 2009

Rock With You.

Say what you will about what Michael Jackson has or hasn't done in his adult life, but you cannot deny that he brought us some really fantastic music. So today I'm sad. Not only because of his death, but because I think that he lived a very sad life inside his head.

23 June 2009

Happy Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day, David. You've been the best daddy. Overflowing with patience, love, laughter, and board games. Everything your little Amelia needs and loves. How blessed we are to have you in our lives. XOXO!

Happy Birthday, Meels! The Sequel.

And, in true Kennedy style, the birthday continues long after the actual day. Amelia got a slice of Father's day dedicated to more cake, more presents, and more attention. (She's really beginning to like this...)

Happy Birthday, Meels!

Well, it happened! Amelia turned two. (Parents officially sad that she isn't a baby anymore.) We threw a Mickey Mouse birthday party for her with family and friends in attendance. Let me tell you what - Amelia ate up every minute of it! From the attention and far too generous gifts to the wading pool ball-crawl and plastic bowling alley.

Ask her how old she is and you'll hear, "I two old." Even Amelia's "Gamma Lorla" flew out for the celebration. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to pull this party together and for all of the lavish attention that you showered upon a chatterbox toddler. She's still floating in the clouds.
Footnote: Amelia's birthday party would not be complete without our dear friend Brennan falling asleep, Purple Guy-style. (Every year he runs the Wasatch Back, an over-night relay race, right before her party. Even though he's wiped out, we're so glad that he comes!)

11 June 2009

Worth a million words...

While in Southern California last February we took a break from the Disney adventure to stick our toes in the Pacific. An amazing photographer, Alli Easley of Easley Photography, met us there and snapped these photos for us. They so perfectly captured our life at that very moment. A moment that I never want to forget. Thanks a million, Alli.

06 June 2009

Lead with the belly!

We already knew that Amelia was destined to be a super model.  But little did we know that she would find her fame by creating her very own signature walk.  We like to call it the "Lead with the Belly".

Backstory:  I asked her to show me her t-shirt (a gift from my dear friend Ramona when she was living in Montenegro) and Amelia pushed out her belly in an effort to see her shirt as she was showing it to me.  It somehow morphed into a waddle-walk with her big belly in the lead.  Nice.

02 June 2009

Bed Bug

David is going camping with The Boys this weekend and brought home a new sleeping bag last night.  Of course, Amelia jumped right in.