29 January 2010

Hey mom...

Last night before bed, Amelia and I were sitting on the couch reading.  She looked up from her book and over to my magazine article and paused.  "Who is that guy, mom?" pointing to the figure on the left.  "Jay Leno."  "And who is that guy?"  "Conan O'Brien.  But you can call him 'Coco'".  She began drawing circles with her finger over Conan's hair and asked, "And what's going on here with his hair?"

That kid cracks me up.

11 January 2010

First haircut

Amelia had a great time at her very first haircut. Who wouldn't? She got to play on a slide, sit in an airplane, wear a "blue bib", watch the Backyardigans, and left with candy. How come my haircuts aren't this fun? (Come on, Robyn. Just a Lifesaver or something? Whatever's in your purse. Hee hee.)
Before - long, fuzzy fly-away
After - shorter, fuzzy fly-away (sigh...)

08 January 2010

I want my cherry pants!

I made matching pajama pants for our family this year and Amelia was so taken with hers that she demanded to wear them to Sunday dinner. "I want my cherry pants!" That's right. I'm clearly losing the battle of 'never leave the house in pajama pants'.

One last thought. How does one kid get so much for Christmas? To all who spoil our little girlie, rest assured that she loves every toy that has ever passed through her hands.


Changes are likely coming to NBC late night: Jay Leno may be heading back to 11:35 p.m., with Conan O'Brien and his 'Tonight Show' pushed back to midnight.

Today the NY TImes reported some potential changes to late night TV programming. Now, I'm sure I've got all of the facts backwards because that is what I always seem to do, but indulge me for just a minute. I've said this for months and I'm going to repeat it one last time here. When Leno retired and handed the reigns of the Tonight Show over to Conan O'Brien, whom I love, he needed to really RETIRE. Not come back in a time slot that pre-empted O'Brien and split viewership. Now NBC is thinking of bringing Leno back to the Tonight Show and pushing O'Brien to midnight? Whatever. (This is Teishi's rant, not David's. And I'm kind of sorry to the Mays, who love Leno.)