02 January 2008

Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve found Amelia in Bethlehem (Farmington, UT) wrapped in swaddling clothes (a denim dress and pink tights) lying in a manger (a car seat) under the watchful eye of Mary (cousin Elizabeth) and Joseph (cousin David) taking part in a very elaborate dramatization of the Christmas Story with her Kennedy cousins.  She loved it until the wisemen arrived and started dropping their gifts onto her (literally).

Certainly one of the highlights of the night was her very first encounter with Saint Nick.  Can't you tell?

Amelia had a very Merry Christmas indeed.  Proving yet again that the number of gifts is inversely proportionate to the recipient's ability to remember the actual gift.  That being said, Amelia is one very lucky girl.  (And this was just the morning haul!)

Oh baby, let's go to the hop!

Amelia's cousin Ella celebrated her birthday with a sock hop complete with poodle skirts and ice cream sundaes.  Amelia was lucky that her mommy still had the energy to sew her a skirt after making 17 others for the party guests.  Talk about marathon sewing...

Let it snow!

Here is how we awoke to our little gem of a street one morning.  There are few things as beautiful as the silence when the world is blanketed in white or the crunch of powdery snow under foot.  (And, likewise, few things more miserable in which to drive!)


Okay.  It's one thing to have your family from out of state complain that they aren't getting enough "grandparent time" with their darling granddaughter via the blog, but quite another when it's your friends that start to chime in with the complaints, and threatening to delete blog links no less!.  [Gasp!]  Apologies all around.  So, without further ado, I now give you what is sure to be just the first of many Blog-A-Thons/Blogopaloozas/Blog-O-Ramas in 2008.

Halloween 2007: Starring Amelia as a sugary little cupcake escorted by her parents, the bakers.

November 2007: Amelia dressed for The Game (Harvard vs Yale) but really wishing they were playing her kind of football (AKA "soccer").  David and Amelia watch quite a few matches together.  She really like the green of the field and waiting for daddy to jump up and down when Arsenal scores.
December 2007: Dressed and ready for church with a ridiculous bow in her hair.  But after a woman at the grocery store said of Amelia, "He has your eyes!" it was time to pull out the big guns.