02 January 2008

Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve found Amelia in Bethlehem (Farmington, UT) wrapped in swaddling clothes (a denim dress and pink tights) lying in a manger (a car seat) under the watchful eye of Mary (cousin Elizabeth) and Joseph (cousin David) taking part in a very elaborate dramatization of the Christmas Story with her Kennedy cousins.  She loved it until the wisemen arrived and started dropping their gifts onto her (literally).

Certainly one of the highlights of the night was her very first encounter with Saint Nick.  Can't you tell?

Amelia had a very Merry Christmas indeed.  Proving yet again that the number of gifts is inversely proportionate to the recipient's ability to remember the actual gift.  That being said, Amelia is one very lucky girl.  (And this was just the morning haul!)


Rob & Felicity said...

Well guess who's back in the circle of trust, with that many posts in such short time, you'll be redeemed and back in the good graces of your friends in no time. On a side-note, Teishi, you are too funny to not be posting all the time.
Was Dave a baker and Amelia the cupcake? If so, brilliant, if not, please disregard.
Welcome home prodigal bloggers.

Megan said...

teishi and david-
Amelia is so cute and growing so fast! We miss you guys!
Meg and Clint