30 June 2008

What Fatherhood Has Taught Me

So, on Father's Day I spoke in church about what I've learned as a father over the last year. It was a really short talk. Seriously. I have learned a few things, and I imagine they are mostly things that everyone already knows (I'm a slow learner). Here's the list:

  • mothers are amazing
  • I can sleep through anything
  • it's possible for me to miss my family even when we're only across the room from each other
  • I now eat table scraps
  • having your daughter fall asleep in your arms is the best feeling in the world
  • music is excellent at calming babies...and parents
  • all of the old cliches are true--it takes a village, they really do grow up fast...
  • infants like the bright green and colorful uniforms of a soccer pitch on the television
  • nobody likes getting immunization shots
  • there are some things only mommies can fix
  • high school biology can teach you the probability of a quarter Japanese girl having blue eyes and blond highlighted hair, but it can't prepare you for it when it happens
  • I'll never, ever again get the most presents at Christmas
  • Disneyland is even more fun with your kids
  • children's Benadryl can solve a lot of life's problems
  • I'm perfectly okay watching New Year's festivities on east coast time and calling it a night at 10:05pm
  • the amount of luggage you need is inversely proportional to your size
  • good friends are priceless
  • digital cameras are a blessing
  • I'm now learning to be okay when my child makes too much noise and too big a mess at restaurants. I'm also learning that I have to tip a lot more when this happens.
  • I've learned that there's a special love that a father has for his children, and this love is a less perfect version of the love God has for each of us.

16 June 2008

Can't talk now... reading.

I am SO embarrassed to report that I have reverted back into a seventeen year old girl again with the help of three little books.  Books that I have tried like the plague to avoid amid a sea of people telling me again and again that I "have to read them".  But books that I have now read and re-read THREE TIMES THROUGH within a week (and have David reading to find out what all the buzz is about).  Those who finally convinced me to read Stephanie Meyer's works, you know who you are, and I hate you.  Now come clean my neglected house, do my piles of laundry, and feed my starving family for me.  You owe me that at least!  And one final note.  There is NO comparison in my world - it's Team Edward.  Sorry Jacob.

You Talkin' to Me?

Following our monthly SLDS (Salt Lake Dining Society) gathering in Park City, we stopped in to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory where Amelia devoured some bubble gum ice cream.  A word of warning here - don't mess with this tough girl when she's got an ice cream cone in her hand...

05 June 2008

Bad Mommy

So not too long ago, I had a "bad mommy day".  Not only were my daughter's toes peeping out of her pajamas because she is now too big for them (and which she was wearing most of the day) but she also fell asleep in her high chair following a meal.  Note: Amelia moved from one pair of PJs to the next without hope of daytime attire from mom.  However, and for the record, we did NOT leave the house.  Sheesh!  Even we bad mommies have standards!