22 September 2008

I Don't Wanna Grow Up

The Hirschi Christensen Law Firm hosted their summer company party at a park recently where, David and Brennan (grown men, for the record), discovered a zip line-ish piece of playground equipment.  After waiting impatiently in line for their turn behind other kids, this was the result.  Yes, that is David timing Brennan's run.  4.2 seconds down and back is the standing record.  Beat that!

Too Early to T.P.?

I thought kids only had the desire to T.P. other people's houses... and not until they were teenagers...

Turbo Mays

We had a great visit with our dear friends Rob and Felicity May last week.  And Meels had a ball playing with Gracey.  (Little do the girls know that their parents have already conspired for them to be the best of friends and trade skills - Gracey will teach Amelia to surf and Amelia will teach Gracey to snowboard.)  Saying we miss the Mays would be a serious understatement.  We are, however, a bit concerned about Uncle Rob Daddy's parenting skills - dandy lions and 64-ounce diet soda?  Good thing Felicity is the voice of reason!  Love you guys.

Life Lesson Learned

Why is it that you have to learn some things in life all by yourself in spite of the wise teachings of your parents?  "Just lick the popsicle, Amelia.  Don't bite."  Let's hope that learning for herself that popsicles are too cold for tiny teeth is as far as this "I have to learn it for myself" phase goes.