23 September 2009

Lisa Leonard Designs Jewelry GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

21 September 2009

"Hella-copper! Mom, you hear it?"

On the roof of the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum is a Life-Flight helicopter (excuse me, "hella-copper", as Amelia would say). Amanda was the obvious pilot, Caroline worked every button and switch in the beast, and Amelia wasn't so sure that the roaring sound of the simulated rotors was for her, but she couldn't bear to miss any of the fun.

11 September 2009

Miss Julie, you dance divinely...

Amelia began dance lessons today with Miss Julie in her magical, pink studio. (Amelia is the one right at Miss Julie's knee, front and center.) She got to wear a leotard, tights, a glittery pink tutu, and not just her tap shoes (which she has been wearing for a week straight, even to bed) but her ballet slippers, too. Talk about girlie overload!

David has been programming her to say, "Miss Julie, you dance divinely." She was a bit too shy to say it today, but give her time. Give her time.

Midway & Grandpa Kimball

Amanda, Caroline, and Olivia were nice enough to share their grandpa with Amelia for the morning. He let them ride around in the golf cart and ride his beautiful horse. (Amelia did it all in tap shoes, of course.)

Here is Amelia post-horse ride, half pouting and half hoping for another turn on the horse. She loved it!

06 September 2009

Swiss Days 10k

I did it! I did it! And I didn't pass out! I participated in my first run yesterday and had a ball. Big thanks to Natalie for gently insisting that I run. I will be forever grateful for the experience and the memory of running to the finish line with her and Brennan. Already on the calendar - another 10k next weekend! On your mark, get set...

Mental note: Take a photo BEFORE the race when everyone looks fresh and bright-eyed instead of a little soggy from the rain.