21 November 2008

Amelia's first complete sentence [mother sighing...]

On our most recent trip out to California, Amelia's grandma Lora bought her a toy stroller and let her push it around the store as we paid for our purchases.  Amelia was in seventh heaven!  As we exited the store and faced the expansive parking lot, the need to pick Amelia up and carry her to the car arrived.  I picked her up and she proceeded to carry her stroller as if she were still walking.  Once at the car, I kindly told her that it was time to get in the car and put the stroller in the trunk.  Screaming and tears followed.  Lots.  And then, as grandma pulled on the stroller and I pulled on the kid, it happened.  Clear as day.  "I don't want to!"  Mom and grandma were stunned.  Had we really heard what we thought we heard?  Yep!  More, as we struggled to secure Amelia into her car seat, she repeated (three times), "I want it!"  So, being the softies that we are... we gave her back the stroller and got hit in the shoulders, as she held her stroller, all the way home.

Happy 90th Birthday, Gma!

My sweet grandmother, Rheta, turned 90 years old on November 2nd.  Amelia and I flew out for the big party, where she was undoubtedly the belle of the ball.  A few months ago, she moved into an assisted living facility in Clovis and has loved every minute of it.  She even brags that "everyone says that my apartment is the best decorated".

05 November 2008

Happy Birthday DK!

Happy birthday to our David who fills our lives love and laughter and brings happiness into our home.  We love you!  Teishi & Amelia


Halloween found us dressed as the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster ride from Disneyland.  David was the actual ride in miniature complete with light-up blaster, Amelia was a darling triple-eyed alien full of wonder, and mom was... the bad guy, Zurg.  Isn't that always the way the chips fall?  Mom, the "bad guy".  (Footnote: Next year, Dave says he's going back to be some kind of appliance.  He gets more oohs and aahs for his costume that way.  Remember the vending machine, folks?)