25 July 2009

Love - Love

David and Michael played a little tennis the other night and, naturally, Amelia was curious. They were nice enough to "let" her be the ball girl. And she took her duties very seriously; retrieving balls and stacking them in the holder attached to the net. She even hit a few balls while there. (Take a good look at that face - she loved every minute!)

21 July 2009

Once upon a time...

Amelia LOVES to read. I found her on the couch a couple of nights ago chanting, "Once upon a time. The end." Pretty cute, eh?

Happy 4th!

Boy, the 4th of July was a busy day! Early morning found us 1) sleeping through the neighborhood flag-raising ceremony and then 2) off to march in the Evergreen Neighborhood Parade. Amelia had her trike basket loaded up with salt water taffy and threw it out into the cheering crowd. Sadly, by the time she would aim and toss, it usually ended up landing somewhere in the street only to be smished by the bicycle behind her in the procession.
After the parade, we had a pancake breakfast in the park, played on the playground equipment, and ate snow cones and sticky cotton candy.
The girls (and grown up boys) bounced on the trampoline in the Moss backyard.
Amelia discovered that the watermelon on the table matched the watermelon on her shirt so she ate about twenty pieces.
When it finally grew dark enough, we wandered around the corner to a neighborhood firework display and enjoyed the show (until some dummy pulled out the big fireworks, clearly purchased out of state, that were super dangerous - so we left).

07 July 2009

"We need a price check on lane two..."

Amelia's latest love is the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum in downtown Salt Lake. She can play in a farmhouse with a life-sized horse or in a kid-sized house with a flower box window, climb a rock wall, splash around in the hands-on water fountain, or create chaos in the super market. Which is just what happened the last time we visited with the Moss girls.
Amanda, Caroline, and Amelia were very focused on filling their shopping baskets and running them up to the check out. Caroline was clearly shopping for an army. Amanda was making sure the shelves were full of product. And Amelia was busy pushing the button that spoke, "We need a price check on lane two" again and again. What a fun afternoon!

Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks...

Summertime means baseball! And Amelia's sweet Uncle Michael and Aunt Natalie were nice enough to share their Salt Lake Bees tickets with us and Grandpa John. Of course, Amelia loved every minute of it: the hot dogs (which she doesn't eat, but talks about eating), the monstrous serving of creamy ice cream (uh... should have stopped at one scoop), the free "train" that ran behind the field, and the loudspeaker music that seemed to posses her little dancing feet. She even saw a broken bat. Ask her today what she thought of the baseball game and "Oh, broken," is sure to be her concerned reply.