21 July 2009

Happy 4th!

Boy, the 4th of July was a busy day! Early morning found us 1) sleeping through the neighborhood flag-raising ceremony and then 2) off to march in the Evergreen Neighborhood Parade. Amelia had her trike basket loaded up with salt water taffy and threw it out into the cheering crowd. Sadly, by the time she would aim and toss, it usually ended up landing somewhere in the street only to be smished by the bicycle behind her in the procession.
After the parade, we had a pancake breakfast in the park, played on the playground equipment, and ate snow cones and sticky cotton candy.
The girls (and grown up boys) bounced on the trampoline in the Moss backyard.
Amelia discovered that the watermelon on the table matched the watermelon on her shirt so she ate about twenty pieces.
When it finally grew dark enough, we wandered around the corner to a neighborhood firework display and enjoyed the show (until some dummy pulled out the big fireworks, clearly purchased out of state, that were super dangerous - so we left).