07 July 2009

"We need a price check on lane two..."

Amelia's latest love is the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum in downtown Salt Lake. She can play in a farmhouse with a life-sized horse or in a kid-sized house with a flower box window, climb a rock wall, splash around in the hands-on water fountain, or create chaos in the super market. Which is just what happened the last time we visited with the Moss girls.
Amanda, Caroline, and Amelia were very focused on filling their shopping baskets and running them up to the check out. Caroline was clearly shopping for an army. Amanda was making sure the shelves were full of product. And Amelia was busy pushing the button that spoke, "We need a price check on lane two" again and again. What a fun afternoon!


Lisa said...

We love that place! I'm pretty sure we were asked not to come back after Michael's last visit to the grocery store...