19 February 2009

Reuse. Recycle. Repurpose.

Last night the Beehives made juice carton wallets out of empty half-gallon paper juice containers.  They did such a fantastic job (and hopefully, learned a lesson about re-purposing things that would otherwise end up in the garbage or recycle bin).  Let's focus on how darling the finished product ended up and try to forget that some of them forgot to bring a carton so we had to power-drink several half-gallon cartons of juice!

14 February 2009

I've got my love to keep me warm.

This is how we celebrate Valentine's Day: Utah-winter-style.

1. Enjoying delicious Mardi Gras beignets and hot cocoa at our neighbors'.
2. Face planting in the powdery snow and deciding that it, like the beignets, is good enough to eat.
3. Sledding down the hill at the church while Amelia yelled, "Ready?" again and again.
4. Building a snowman in the front yard.  (Off of which Amelia quickly ate the candy corn "hair".)
5. Loving our warm home because of the popcorn and movie.  (But mostly because of each other.)

We hope your Valentine's Day was just as wonderful.

11 February 2009

Toot, toot!

[Warning: I am tooting my own horn here.]  Up to now, I have been incredibly unhappy with the selection of free blog templates online.  But alas, because I did not want a bare blog, I used them.  NO MORE, I SAY!  One afternoon on the internet and I've taught myself how to build my very own template.  (My inner graphic designer is very pleased right now.)

Sweet Spot

Because I can't seem to focus on any one thing for too long... I'm on to a new adventure!  Candy buffets.  Last night I did my first wedding and was really pleased with how everything turned out.  I have another wedding in a few months and lots of contacts to be made in between with event centers to get the word out.  What could be better than spending your day dreaming of ways to incorporate more candy in the lives of others?  (Maybe only tasting the candies as they arrive at my house.  UPS man, you are my new best friend!)