05 June 2008

Bad Mommy

So not too long ago, I had a "bad mommy day".  Not only were my daughter's toes peeping out of her pajamas because she is now too big for them (and which she was wearing most of the day) but she also fell asleep in her high chair following a meal.  Note: Amelia moved from one pair of PJs to the next without hope of daytime attire from mom.  However, and for the record, we did NOT leave the house.  Sheesh!  Even we bad mommies have standards!


Megan said...

Yeah! I am so glad that you are a "normal" mom and that your kid has holes in her jammies...I was worried a while back after the no sweats to the store comment. We miss you guys! It was so fun to see pics of the Hatches, Mosses, Elisons,McKinlays, Fyans etc. Your Amelia is a doll!