07 May 2008

Extra! Extra! Siamese Twins Spotted in Salt Lake Park!

With the onset of spring weather in Salt Lake, local residents couldn't help but get outside to enjoy the glorious sunshine.  Imagine their shock as they were greeted with Ame-oline and Car-elia, the elusive "Swingset Siamese Twins".  An actual photograph of them is indeed rare, and rivaled only by the Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot.  If you happen to come in contact with the "Swingset Siamese Twins", do not be afraid.  Legend has it that though they can be cranky around nap time, the Twins can be easily appeased with fruit, Cheetos, and Kool-Aid Squeezers.

A shot of Ame-oline happy as can be.  Could it be that she isn't even aware that they are stuck together?
Here we see Car-elia, not at all slowed down by the extra weight on the swing.
In the Twins' entourage, we also observe Amanda Jane, happy as a clam and completely unaware that her play day in the park has made headlines!


Kristy said...

Yay! We can be blog friends too.