23 April 2010

Dad, I love the cotton candy.

This kid loves, loves, loves Bakin Robbins' cotton candy ice cream.  Amazingly enough, it really tastes like cotton candy (translation: it's way too sweet).


Lisa said...

The sign that a kid truly loves their ice cream is the nose-to-chin coverage...that's an affirmative :)

Felicity May said...

Yummy!Gracey hasn't discovered that one yet!
Can you make me a Ruffle shirt maybe 2, 3 :) Came home with a bag full from J Crew in Chicago because I am not as talented as you. DAMN!

The Treasures said...

I used to love those sweet flavors. I'm quite sure they would make me sick now! I got your post on my blog. I would LOVE to go back to Disneyland in November if we can save up enough money! I'm dying to go back already.