25 March 2009

Life Could be a Dream

The Harvard Din & Tonics celebrated their 30th anniversary on 14 March 2009 with a fabulous concert and surrounding weekend full of gatherings for both the current Dins and Alums.  What a wonderful time we had with them, uncle Michael and aunt Natalie, as well as showing Amelia daddy's alma mater.  (And what a terrible job we did of documenting it with photos.)

We stayed in the Kennedy Suite at Winthrop House with our traveling buddy, Flat Stanley.
We introduced Amelia to Noch's where she devoured their pizza (as did all of the adults).  For the record, the total number of cheese steaks and slices consumed over a four-day weekend set some kind of world record.  This number, however, will not be published to protect the guilty.

We toured campus where Amelia met John Harvard and rubbed his toe.  (It's a statue of lies, all lies!)  We even squeezed in a matinee of this year's Hasty Pudding show.  (Dave and Mike, 154 was better.)
The T was especially fun for Amelia.  Clearly she expected it to be some kind of Disneyland ride because she kept singing, "Is-sa uh pahl - whorl affer all..." over and over.  (Translation: It's a small world after all")


Lisa said...

What a cool trip! Amelia is adorable and seems to travel well. How does Dave do?? ;)