02 March 2009

Dancing through Disneyland

If it's the last week of February, then Kennedys and company are meeting in Anaheim to enjoy the Happiest Place on Earth!  This year we were lucky enough to have Amelia's nana, Jill, join us for part of the week.  BIG thanks to the Moss family for suffering through seven straight days in the Park with us (Brennan - I'm sure we still owe you a chocolate shake), the Hatch Family for letting us drag them around for a night while we talked their ears off catching up (Brock - we get SERIOUS about Disney), and the May Family for just being the Mays. (Felicity - even as a very pregnant woman, you're amazing!).  We feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends.

Oh and the post title, "Dancing through Disneyland"?  That's in honor of Amelia's mad skills as a dancer.  She danced everywhere - the Tiki Room, It's a Small World, and pretty much anywhere you could hear music.  When I look at the photo of her gazing through the It's a Small World fence, I can almost hear her saying, "Peas... boats".  [Translation: I want to ride the Small World boats and dance.]


Felicity May said...

Thanks for inviting us again this year. we don't get together nearly enough.

Lisa said...

You can probably feel the jealousy oozing through your computer screen as I type this. Disneyland is just the best...for the record, I dance through Disneyland, too.