21 June 2011

Superheros - Unite and Celebrate!

Every birthday superhero needs a superhero cape.  Find your name/initial and get suited up for action!  Up, up and away!
Stop by the candy recharging station or hot popcorn machine often for a quick bursts of energy.  Pow!
Be sure to eat your share of healthy foods like watermelon ("improves laser vision"), veggies ("enhances agility"), pasta salad ("improves speed"), potato chips ("boosts invisibility"), and grilled hot dogs ("wonder dogs").  Zip!

Be sure to leave room for a few fun treats as well, like Jell-O cups ("increases elasticity") and cake pops ("energy blast").  Zoom!

Oh no!  There are animals in need of rescuing!  Superheros, divide into two teams, grab a basket, and run down to the cone and back, rescuing the animals as a team.  Bam!
Exercise your X-ray vision with a try at pinning the superhero mask on Super Amelia.  no peeking!  Shazam!
Remember to protect your secret identity at all costs by creating a unique superhero mask with glitter, pompoms, stickers, and jewels.  Kazowie!
Exhibit your super strength at the pinata.  Three good whacks per superhero until the goodies spill out!  Smack!
What a great morning Super Amelia had with her superhero friends at her party.  Thank you from me and Captain Klutz (David) to everyone who attended or sent a generous gift or thoughtful birthday wish for the newest four year-old!  Boom!


Lisa said...

Looks amazing, Batman! I mean, Teishi! Awesome, as always. Wish that little superhero a happy birthday from Capt. Fantastico and his sidekicks!

Michelle King said...

The party looks amazing! Your details were perfect! I love the capes! The cake pops look yummy too! Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

What a great party idea! You're so clever, just like your mom. ~CarolB