23 June 2011

And the celebration continues (in true Kennedy style...)

Because the Kennedys traditionally stretch a birthday over a number of weeks, we re-celebrated Amelia's birthday at a Sunday dinner with a superhero rainbow cake and more presents.  

Somebody got a purple bike and a purple kitty helmet.  Somebody felt it necessary to wear her superhero cape for the inaugural ride.  Somebody was bubbling over with excitement!
Surrounded by patient cousins, Amelia took her first bicycle ride outside.  Of note:  Her very first sharp turn dumped her flat on the pavement.  (No injuries, thank goodness.)  But she stood back up, a little shell shocked, and matter-of-factly said, "I don't think this is working for ME."  And then the tears came.  It didn't take long for her sweet cousins to dust her off, explain that they'd all been there, and get her right back up on that bike.
Oh, and it was Father's Day.  Not to be overshadowed by a kid turning four or anything, we celebrated our dads  and the love we have for them.  David, we love you.  Even more than the crappy tie that I made with leftover linen that ended up too thick to tie properly and a tad too short for your height.  Seriously.  We love you WAY more than that.  :)


Lisa said...

I'm so jealous of that helmet! That might get me riding a bike :)