21 June 2011

14th Annual Tiny Tots Track & Field Invitational

Have I publicly mentioned what a superstar Amelia is before?  Well, there you go.  Now I have.  And her performance at the 14th Annual Tiny Tot Track & Field Invitational at East High was no exception.  She ran the 50m sprint, the 100m, and 80m hurdles.  She earned FIRST place in the 50m AND the 80m hurdles!  To see what happened in the 100m, keep reading...
This is what happens when a much older girl from another age category slips into your race and blazes to the finish line, leaving every other legitimate runner in the dust.  Tears.  Big.  Fat.  Tears.
 But she bounced back strong in the hurdles.  What form!

And what every serious athlete needs post-race, frozen yogurt.  We just had a brand new self-serve frozen yogurt shop open within walking distance of our home.  Oh man, this is going to be a great summer!  (That might need its very own blog post later...)