23 February 2011

Totally out of my element.

Teishi here.  The girl who hates getting into water when she can't see clearly to the bottom.  Who knows what possessed me, but 2010 found me on a raft not once, but twice.  (And I had so much fun that I just might do it again!)

Our YM/YW held a youth conference in Moab, UT mid-summer which included an all-day rafting trip down the Colorado River.  Our boat was awesome.  I've never laughed so hard in my life!  We spent the day "going to the beach" and "otter kicking".  Now, I can't tell you what that means, but those involved know and that's going to have to suffice.  :)

A month later, John Yoon bought a raft for this birthday.  (I love gifts that you buy for yourself.  They are always the perfect size.)  John, John Paul, Michael, David, and I braved the Weber River.  (Okay.  "Braved" might be exaggerating it just a bit...)  We broke several paddles - sorry John - and had a yummy lunch at Taggart's Grill topped off with a pink sugar cookie the size of my sunburned face.  Great day!