23 February 2011

Disneyland or Bust - September 2010

Since it never takes us very long to gravitate back to the Happiest Place on Earth... take a stab at the subject of this post.  Yep.  It never gets old because 1) we love it, 2) you have no cares, and 3) we meet up with different friends every time we go.  And number three is the best part of these trips by far!

Amelia had new glass slippers and was overjoyed to show them off to Cinderella herself!  And then proceeded to show them off to every other princess that she met.

The Green Men from Toy Story were so kind.  They let Amelia talk their ears off for ten minutes!  (The lines were very short.)  She felt so important.

"The thing about Grizzly River Rapids is that you don't even get wet."  Sure, Dave.  So glad the Kennedy Yoon family came coordinated their trip with ours.

So glad that we could share another happy vacation with our dear Moss friends.  It's so fun to watch the girls grow up in front of the White Rabbit's door.  They're so big that you almost can't see it at all!