23 February 2011

Preschool - Fall 2010

Amelia started preschool in the fall and has loved every minute of it!  Her teachers, Miss Becky and Miss Lynn, are angels.  These are a few photos from their very first field trip - to Red Butte Gardens (in the rain).  The kids climbed in, over, and under everything.  They even fed the koi in the huge pond.  I still can't believe that no one fell in.

Every Friday is Show & Tell.  Each week spotlights a different letter of the alphabet.  For the letter "I", Amelia brought an icicle from our house.  Pretty clever kid.

Halloween was a fun day at preschool.  They wore costumes and paraded around the hallways.  Of course, everyone went home with an overflowing bag of treats!  Big thanks to Grandma Lorla's costume shop for, hands down, the best costume ever!

The class performed two songs in the school winter program - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Happy Birthday (to Jesus) in Chinese.  Amelia is a natural star!  She stands tall and performs like a champ.