23 February 2011


No apologies for not blogging since last summer.  Let's just move forward, huh?

Late August, David had a college blockmate get married in Chicago.  What a fabulous city.  And what a breathtakingly beautiful traditional Indian wedding with all the trappings!  Too bad we only had a quick weekend to play and explore.

In between a buzz of wedding activities around the Drake Hotel, we ran all over Chicago and its suburbs cramming in as much of the city as humanly possible.  Just for fun, we tallied our total hours of sleep over the entire weekend.  7.5 hours, total.  (But it was so worth it!)  One friend sarcastically quipped that we were "culture mavens".  We wear that badge proudly, Seth!

We grabbed bikes for a self-guided riding tour of Oak Park, home to Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio and surrounding homes.  It was really a treat to ride this leafy neighborhood dotted with such amazing architecture.

As fortune would have it, the owners of the Frank Thomas House were holding a yard sale.  We wandered through their backyard, totally ignoring the junk they had for sale.  Instead, peeking in windows and marveling at how fortunate these people were to live in a FLW original.

We also paid a visit to the Unity Temple.  A building that Wright considered one of his greatest achievements, calling it "my contribution to modern architecture".

On our last day we ran over to Millenium Park, snapped photos at the Cloud Gate, and speed-walked through the Art Institute of Chicago.  We could have spent days in the Modern Wing alone!

But we had a date to meet up with friends on a Chicago Line Architectural Cruise.  The city has a pretty fantastic story from its waterways to the growth of its skyscrapers to the mass exodus into the suburbs.

Fantastic weekend.  Dear friends.  No sleep.  Great memories.  Thanks Raj & Trina for tying the knot!