09 August 2010

The Princess and the Frog

Good thing that Amelia's dance teacher, Miss Julie, had the foresight to have Amelia's dance class perform to two musical number in their spring dance recital.  Because...

Song #1 (Almost There - tap) went off beautifully!  Such cute little tappers.

But for song #2 (Evangeline - ballet) Amelia decided to sit on the edge of the stage and hold up the start of the music.  [David and Teishi in audience yelling her name and shaking their heads...  Miss Julie's helper on stage trying desperately to stand her back up...]  Finally Amelia she warmed up and got to dancing.  She was fabulous!

In addition to grandpa and nana Kennedy, aunt Katherine, cousin Nina, and cousin Ella in the audience, Amelia was so thrilled that Gracey's visit to her Grammy's in Utah made it possible for her to come to the dance recital with her mommy Felicity.  They spent plenty of time being goofy, as only three year-olds can!  Thanks again to everyone.  Especially patient, sweet, kind, forgiving Miss Julie!


Lisa said...

Those pictures are priceless! I think my favorite is the one of her sitting on the step in front of the stage. Every great stage-actress adds a little drama to each performance...it ensures the performance will never be forgotten! Bravo, Amelia!