09 August 2010

13th Annual Tiny Tots Track & Field Invitational

East High School is best known for playing host to an annual track meet for kids every summer.  Okay, that's not entirely true.  EHS is probably best known for being the high school in Disney's High School Musical films.  But for one day each summer and to the kids that participate, it's best known for a super fun track meet!

50 meter dash

100 meter dash

80 meter hurdles.  I love this kid.  She ran, jumped, knocked the hurdle over, and then stopped to stand it back up at just about every hurdle.

All in all, Amelia competed in five events.  What a superstar!  She left super excited about her new sneakers, the shiny medal pinned to her chest, the track and field sticker and certificate awarded her, and the yummy grape Otter Pop melting in her hand.


Lisa said...

Great. Now even Amelia has outrun me ;)