09 August 2010

Happy birthday, Amelia Jean.

It's hard to believe that Amelia is now three years old.  Old enough to tell me exactly what she wants for her birthday and birthday party.  "An Alice in Wonderland cake with Cinderella on top."  Yeah, it's nice that she can tell me what she wants, but it's too bad that I'm totally unwilling to comply.  (There's a theme here folks!  And there's no room for mixing and matching Disney characters!)  And so, Amelia's Alice in Wonderland party was a success and not one kid even missed Cinderella's absence.


Caroline said...

That looks like such a fun birthday party - The cupcakes and treat display look great! You three really are such an unbelievably cute family!

Lisa said...

How fun! I can't believe she's 3! Teishi, Katie is 10 and I still try to redirect her birthday party plans...a theme is crucial!