09 August 2010

Digging to China

The time has come to fulfill a childhood ambition - digging to China.  We thought, "where best to start this project but in our very own basement?"  Actually, we're just excavating our basement to give it a decent ceiling height and change some rooms around a bit.  The work is slow-going to say the least and I'm about ready to kick our excavator in the shins (really hard!).  At the same time, we're remodeling the upstairs bathroom.  That is just about done, thankfully.  How people survive a dusty remodel is beyond me...

The Okerlunds were so generous to spend a few moments of their vacation to Utah digging.  When the project is nearing completion, I'm sure they'll return to paint.  :)  


Lisa said...

Wow. What a mess! I hope you are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel - or bottom of the stairwell...I'm so glad to see that the Okerlund's will travel for work. I'm making my list right now!