10 December 2009

Nativity in the Glen

Just a block up from our home is the Bonneville Glen, a charming creekside walking trail with an open-air amphitheater and fireplace. Every December our church, along with others community, put together a spectacular live nativity in the Glen. The pathway is lit with paper lumens and torches, choirs sing, and the wisemen gather around the baby Jesus in a humble stable lit by a glowing Christmas star. Amelia loves the animals - a camel, goats, sheep, ducks, and chickens. David loves the hot chocolate. Teishi loves being there with her family. Merry Christmas!


grammacarol said...

Where is that live Nativity? I've seen one in Draper near 11400 S. and 7th West. Could it possibly be the same one?

Btw, I'm happy to know that you are in SLC. I live in a condo community in West Jordan (4800 W. & 7000 S.) Jason and his wife also live in W.J. (5400 W. & 8100 S.) close to the New Bingham Hwy.

If you accept me as a friend on FB, you can view photos of their fam (5 children), Carolann's fam (3 children), Todd's family (5 chidren), and Amy Berrett Leslie's fam (5 children).

I have been connected to several people from Hanford, and I love read what's going on in their lives. I noticed your name on Barbara Nation's list of friends.

Does your Aunt (?) still live in W.J.?

Lisa said...

What a fun activity! Nativity and petting zoo all in one...