10 December 2009

Amanda Jane

Our dear little friend, Amanda, has been in the hospital for some time now. We continue to pray and the doctors continue to search. To pass the time, we visit and look at Disney photos, cruise the halls of the hospital in a red wagon, eat ice cream cones from the cafeteria, put together puzzles, watch Amanda's favorite movies, and paint pretty pink fingernails. Of course, all of this is fun, but we really want Amanda back home. She'll get there; she's amazing!


Anonymous said...

Poor Amanda! Let us know how she is doing now!
Natalie Stewart Graham

David and Teishi Kennedy said...

Hurray! Little Amanda is finally home (after 17 days in the hospital). What a miracle it is to have her in familiar surroundings and around family again. She's still got a ways to go recovery-wise, but she'll get there!