21 June 2011

Easter Egg Hunting in PJs.

When did a visit from the Easter Bunny turn into a visit from Santa Claus who comes like a ghost in the night?  I only have memories of Easter egg hunts fully dressed in my Easter dress and shiny clickadees (that's what I called patent leather dress shoes that clicked when you walked on pavement).  At any rate, the Easter Bunnies were good to Amelia this year.  (I say "bunnies" because there are many in this fortunate little girl's life that play to the holidays.)
After the pajama egg hunt, Amelia donned her beautiful Easter dress and paraded her way up to church and back, telling everyone along the way that her Grandma Lorla made it for her.

The only speed bump in the day came at Sunday dinner with the Kennedy family.  Traditionally, an egg cracking contest is held complete with brackets and a champion.  Amelia's egg was actually doing quite well in the tournament until the very end, when a small fracture turned into a complete meltdown.  (Insert lesson on "It's not about winning, it's about how you play the game" here.)


Michelle King said...

Grandma Lorla made her a beautiful dress! Love the Easter pics!