22 March 2010

Oceanside & Matching Dresses

After Disneyland, we spent a few days in Oceanside with the Mays.  Getting Amelia and Gracey together is so funny.  They play, they paint, they eat pretzels, they speak their own language, and are best of friends.  Until someone takes the other's favorite toy.  Then it's on!

Gracey gave Amelia a dress that matched hers and they thought being twins was super fun.  We spent an afternoon shopping in Carlsbad and stopped at the Koi pond.  Rob gave the girls pennies to toss into the pond until a man came up and scolded him.  "Don't you know that copper is toxic to koi fish?"  And that was the end of that!


Lisa said...

"And you, sir, are toxic to my child's fun!" The girls look darling...Save the koi fish!