20 March 2010

Mad Dash to Disneyland

SUNDAY AFTERNOON:  Thanks to Brennan's masterful negotiating powers, a tempting offer was placed on the table.  Without much debate, a decision was made.
MONDAY:  We were loaded in the car headed to Disneyland!  Sadly, David stayed behind to work (lousy deadlines...) and we missed him every minute.  But we pressed on bravely.

Flashback to SUNDAY FAMILY DINNER:  "Everyone going to Disneyland tomorrow raise your hand."  "Hey, how come we aren't going?"  And with that Jill, Katherine, and three of the four Kennedy Yoon kids were packing to come along on this mad dash to Disneyland.
As luck would have it, visiting the Park at the very same time was an old friend from high school and his family.  They lived in Fresno when we did an have since relocated to Colorado.
We left Disneyland and headed down to Oceanside for a quick visit with the Mays and a night out (without kids) for celebrating Brennan's birthday.

Of course, the highlight for Amelia was hanging out with her "best friend", Gracey.