20 March 2010

Invading the Central Valley & Lightening-Quick Visits

When my mom has a free week in February, you better believe that Amelia and I will be jetting out to visit.  The only snag is that a week simply isn't long enough to see and do everything that we would like.  Here are a few of the highlights.
Shopping in Oakland and riding the mall train with Grandma Lorla.
Having lunch at Orchard Park with Bill and Jenn.
Rising up and down the halls on Great Grandma Rheta's lap in her wheelchair.
Attending the Gateway Quilters Guild monthly meeting and standing beside Grandma Lorla while she made announcements.
Learning to sew from the master.
Hanging out with Stacey at H.O.P.E. Animal Foundation and playing with crazy animals.
Having lunch with Heather, Ella, and Weston and leaving with a coveted jar of Hiatt honey.
Catching up with Kerry and loving every minute of Claire's giggles.
Missing Lisa even while sitting in her kitchen and being amazed that Carson Abby, the frog, is still alive.
Spending time with Ramona and her office full of fun dummy phones, pens, pads of paper, and everything else Amelia can tear into.
Playing with uncle Kyle and cousin Jackson at the park and learning not to be afraid of ants.
Relaxing with Joaquina and Nicole at the end of a busy week while Jordan, Riley, AnnMarie, and Amelia tore through a box of dress-ups in record time.


Lisa said...

Oh, Teishi...there is never enough time. Thank you so much for coming to see us. We'll take any time we can get! Glad you survived your whirlwind week...