18 May 2009

Tell Me a Story

Old Hanford, CA friends Randall McGee and Groark were in Utah, performing at the Treehouse Children's Museum in Ogden and there was no way that the little girl inside Teishi was going to miss the opportunity to introduce her daughter to the dragon Groark!  Amelia loved the singing and story telling and is still singing, "Tell me a story...", their signature song.  When grown-up Teishi got a shout out from the stage, she felt just like a kid again.  (The best part of the show was always when Groark would call you by name in front of everyone.  Hello superstar!)

As a footnote, if you have kids, live in Utah, and haven't visited the Treehouse Children's Museum - what are you waiting for?  It's totally amazing and hands-on!


Lisa said...

What a great museum! We will have to put that on our agenda next visit. Amelia is darling...