03 April 2009

"Worth your while..."

Because we attended the TwilightMoms' premiere of Twilight the movie last November (and thanks to my cousin Rebekah, I might add) I recently received an email from them about a midnight release party for the Twilight DVD that they were hosting at a local Wal-Mart.  Here's the rundown: Wal-Mart (NO!) at midnight (NO!) with swarms of screaming teens (NO!) in Twilight costumes (NO!) and for a movie of which I preferred the book (NO!).  Pretty clear, huh?  Not interested, folks.  I'll be tucked, snug as a bug, in my bed at midnight - thank you.
Well... because I was a bit curious about what crazy Twilight fans were planning for the movie release, I visited a Twilight blog where I found an article alerting Twilight fans that five New Moon actors would be making surprise appearances at five locations across the U.S.  Then came the second email from the TwilightMoms saying that the location had been changed to a second Wal-Mart and that the party would be, and I quote, "worth your while".  The squirrels in my brain started to run around.
Are TwilightMoms a big enough force to pull a movie star here?  Did Stephenie Meyer have any say in where the stars would make their appearances?  She is Mormon and Utah has a lot of Mormons and the Twilight fan base here in Utah is off the charts.  And why the last minute location change to a newer, larger Wal-Mart?  "Worth your while..." what does that mean?!?!
So, at a family game night I talked to my Twilight-crazy cousins, Bekah and Emma.  (They've been to Forks.)  "Hey.  You guys have any Twilight DVD release plans?"  "No."  WHAT?  They were my only hope at adding myself as a third wheel and they weren't doing anything?  So, I started blabbing about my suspicions and in no time, they were on board!
So off to the Riverton Wal-Mart, 25 minutes from my home, at midnight, with 4,000-plus of my new best friends, all on the hope that a New Moon star would appear.  And Twilight didn't disappoint!  Flame-haired Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre) was on hand signing autographs and we saw the top of her head!  Wow.  Sadly, the line to meet her and to purchase any Twilight merchandise stretched around the store (literally) leaving the shelves bare.  And I bought my BluRay the next morning at Target.  

Thanks Bekah and Emma!  It was fun.  If for nothing else but to see that weird-o who dressed up as James and hear about him grabbing women's derrières as they stood to take photos with him.  Ick.


bekah said...

yes, it was fun and quite the event to attend. Thanks for taking me along!