16 April 2009

Thanks, Easter Bunny! (bawk, bawk)

Amelia has discovered that she loves Easter.  We, as parents, would hope that it is because of Christ and his miraculous resurrection, but somehow, secretly know that (at least as a toddler) it's because of the jelly bean-filled baskets and packages that have made an appearance at our house.  Thanks to one Utah and two California bunnies, Amelia is well stocked with "beans" (jelly beans) and "glubs" (fancy gloves).

Footnote:  When Amelia pulled Tosha and Uniqua (two of the five Backyardigans) out of the box from her Grandma Lora, she immediately reached back in screaming, "Pablo!  Pablo!"  Sad to say, there was no Pablo in the box.  (You had no way of knowing, nor did we, that Pablo was her favorite, mom.)  But the situation has since been remedied.  We found the remaining three dolls at Barnes & Noble this afternoon and Amelia is happy as a clam.  The Backyardigans are a close second to Disneyland in her life right now.


Gibbs said...

I too love the backyardigans.

Lisa said...

That right there is a Cinderella in the making...she will have an advantage over the other princesses as her favorite cartoon brings a little hip-hop into her life. Word.