23 October 2007

Do you Bumbo?

The Bumbo has landed! David came home with a new baby seat for Amelia last week and the craziest thing happens when you put her in it. She instantly ages several months. So, in an effort to keep her our little baby, we have ceased all neck-strengthening exercises and dress her only in the newborn clothing that she came home from the hospital in. (As you can imagine she looks a bit like a sausage.) All kidding aside, Amelia is growing up quickly - packing on the weight, learning to make motorboat noises, and moving into 6 month clothing already. And she's zuper-smart. (She's proof reading this post as we speak.) That's our little genius!


Lisa said...

Amelia is adorable! You can tell how smart she is from how she sits in that thing...we are waiting for a picture of her in a cheesy candycane outfit or something equally ridiculous. You know, one of those things you swore you would never do until you were a parent?!?! Merry Christmas!